Random Hilarity Ensues

The Bologna Story

There are pepperonis,and there is canadian bacon. Sometimes there are pepperonis with spice drops. There is the Cotto Salami Scenario... and then there is Bologna. Sweaty, warm, maybe a hair in it, greenish tinged jail bologna. Just say no to bologna. For the love of all that is holy.

New Favorite Word

VAGIR : The french translation for "Don't be a vag." or "Don't be such a pussy, you dick hole." Ok.. I added that last part. But you get the idea. Use this word at least once today.. it will make you international, yo.

True Story

I Heart Vodka


Otherwise known as Fuck Your Face. Commonly used when you wand to slap someone in their whole face, and cannot for whatever reason (usually because there are witnesses). Say it with me... "Fuck your face."

Totally A Freak..Get over it.

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